It is a bit of common knowledge that our utility bills greatly increase when the summer season arrives. One of the main reasons for this is the increased usage of our AC units.  

It’s a never-ending battle with the thermostat. You need to determine how to keep your home comfortable while still not consuming too much energy.  

Though there are myths about how to lower your energy bills this summer, we are going to share with you some of the proven and tested tips.  

Aside from hiring an air conditioning repair Englewood technician, here are other tips you can follow: 

Schedule Routine Tune-Up 

The ideal way to make sure that your AC is working at its optimal performance is to hire an expert technician to come and inspect your AC unit. A professional HVAC technician can help guarantee that your AC unit is not working overtime. This will help you save money and prevent unnecessary strain on your unit.  

Install an Attic Fan 

Do you have an attic in your house? You might not know this. However, your attic can be a huge cause for heat being allowed to leak inside the house.  

If your attic is too hot, the heat will leak into the rest of your house. If this happens, your AC unit will have to work overtime.  

One of the cheapest methods to save money on your utility bill is to install attic fans. Aside from that, it can also help lower stress in your AC unit.  

Lower Your Heat Usage in Your House 

There are a lot of ways you can lower the heat inside your home to lower strain on your AC unit. First, try to install high-quality blinds and windows that can help prevent UV rays from entering your home.  

When you’re out of your house, make sure you close the blinds as well.  

Keep in mind that summer is an excellent time for BBQs. If you’re planning to host BBQ parties in your house, it’s ideal to cook outdoors to avoid generating a lot of heat inside your home.  

Install Smart Thermostats 

During the summer season, you may be out of your house most of the time. However, this does not mean your AC unit should take a break as well.  

You probably don’t want to come home to a hot house, right? This is especially true if it is already extremely hot outside.  

Luckily, you can prevent this problem with the help of modern technology. All you’ve got to do is to install a smart thermostat. With this, you can control your AC unit even if you’re away. When it’s time for you to come home, you can simply open the app and turn on your AC unit before you arrive.  

Clean or Replace Your Air Filter 

Try to examine your air filter once every 30 days. If it is filled with dust and debris, you should replace it. A clogged filter can lower the efficiency of your AC unit. By regularly replacing the air filters, you can prevent additional strain on your AC unit.