If you are planning now to make a garden or even a place where you can grow some plants and make this are a cool place to stay during hot weather and when you feel tired. Then, it would need a great way of planning to make it come true and patience in structuring it. There could be a lot of ways to make this one possible. You could remove the sods if you are creating a place for your back yard or even to your front yard. You may also hire some people like the driveway paving contractors to help you and learn some of the things that you need to know. They could give you a lot of suggestions in removing it but you are the one who can decide on which one do you want to do and to use. It includes in the option is using some machineries or tools to remove the sod immediately and quicker than other ways. There could be a way in such you would do it naturally and manually. You can get to know here some of the ways that is perfectly created to remove the sod in your area smoothly.  

  1. Think about and observe the kind and type of grasses growing in your lawn. These grasses have special characters and speciation that is the reason why you need to know them. There are some that is very easy to remove and pick but there could be some that their roots are settled deeply. Those grasses with very deep area when it come to their roots would be harder to remove. In this way, you need to spray or use a hose to water the area. You can do this like every day a week before you plan to sod the lawn. It will make the soil and ground soft and have the bigger chance to remove the deeper roots of some grasses correctly.  
  1. Another best way is by tilling. It sounds unfamiliar for others but when they check the example picture of this. It would be common to them to see this kind of way. There are old and new kinds of these now. Of course, if you are going to use the motor kind of tiller. Then, you have to prepare yourself by wearing proper clothing and protection gear. You must not wear shorts and sleeveless. Also, pay attention by putting some googles and gloves to your hands and boots for your feet. You should know that over doing it would not give a good result.  
  1. For some, they would cover the are to prevent those grasses from getting nutrients from the sunlight. Use the one like plastic to cover this part. Using papers and cardboards would easily get wet and moist.  
  1. For some people, the best way for them is to use some commercial grass remover agent and solution. Of course, there could be harmful effect to human. But they want to do it fastly and easily.